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Cuccio Paradiso Pedicure

Your treatment is started by spraying tantalising elixers over your towels and room. We then put your feet in soak for a few minutes using cuccio aqua leaves and cuccio pedicure fizz. Your therapist will then file and prep your nails to then follow with our cuticle remover massaged into your nails and put back into soak for a few minutes. After that we then follow on the treatment with a foot and lower leg exfoliation with our cuccio sea salts.

We will then begin to apply your callus treatment which will help to soften your hard skin to make the removal process much simpler and wrap in a towel and follow with removal of dry skin. We will then spray your feet with our grape-seed anti oxidant which will help prevent ageing and fine lines which will also be wrapped in a towel. Then we will apply a deep thermal transformation wrap to help promote skin cell regeneration and hydrate your feet which will be wrapped and placed in booties to warm for 5-10 minutes.

We will then finish with a luxury massage with our cuccio body butter.

You can have the choice to upgrade your treatment with gel polish for a additional £10.

Please ask when booking your Cuccio Paradiso Pedicure as polish is not included just a clear base and top coat.

Treatment time in 60 minutes with a additional 30 minutes if you have requested the gel polish upgrade.

Cuccio Pedicure

We start by placing your feet into our detoxifying soak for a few minutes which help to soothe and leave feet fresh and clean. Then we will file and prep your nails and apply our cuticle remover and place your feet back into soak. We then apply micro exfoliant foot scrub and gently massage into your foot and lower leg to then follow rasping away hard skin to the foot. Then we will apply a drop of milk and honey revitalising oil to the nails and massage in cuccio body butter over the foot and lower leg and apply a small amount of hydrating heel treatment to stimulate the renewal of skin cells. Your treatment is finished with a clear base and top coat to leave nails looking healthy and shiny. 

Treatment time is 30 minutes.

Cuccio Pedicure & Gel Polish

This treatment is the exact same process as Cuccio Pedicure with gel polish added on to finish.

Treatment time is 60 minutes.